Bending Urbanism in Kitev

Rhein Herne Kanal       





The first workshop on ‘Bending Urbanism’ took place in Kitev in September 2014. Two researchers of urban development – Francesco Bonsinetto from Italy/US and Kaisa Schmidt-Thomé from Finland – have launched a research network by collecting their trusted partners together Europe-wide, and even beyond. Individual researchers are invited to join the initiative if they are passionate about cities and are willing to search for international project funding in collaborative spirit. As the research topics relate also with urban culture and creative collaboration of diverse urban actors, Kitev was a very suitable venue, and represents also a potential project partner. During the social programme of the workshop the scholars also familiarized themselves with the region. Oberhausen and  Mülheim an der Ruhr set the stage of the “54th City” theatre tour, Duisburg-Ruhrort was approached via the Rhein-Herne-canal by a small boat called Oskar, as well as by train to listen to a concert of “Das grosse Ding” in the heart of the creative quarter.


Topics Wedding Lokal Harmonie

on the roof View from Watertower Oberhausen Boat Trip

Rhein Herne Kanal Rhein Herne Kanal Boat Trip

AW Samstag 20 September 2014 at 8:54 pm | | turmbLog, workshops

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