Thanks to funding by Advocate Europe we can start our new project! Yeah!       

Refugees come to Europe with hope for better life, but we feel ashamed by the way they are hosted now. We, Europeans, can do it better.   

Refugees have to wait for a legal status in remote mass accommodation centres, making them feel useless, depressed and disconnected   from the public space while there is a lot of empty property in Ruhr area, which can be used.  

A transnational team “Refugees for Co-creative Cities” is developing a long-term refugee accommodation system to help refugees in Ruhr    area find their position in the public sphere and self-worth with physical renovation of empty buildings.  

The project has three steps. First we will make a research of best practice in Europe on refugee accommodation and integration, publishing it in a compendium.
A chosen empty property in Ruhr will be upgraded with the help of refugees.  
A new example of good practice will be presented on an EU-wide conference. We aim that 5 municipalities will adopt the model.   

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